viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

Ipsy Bag Review

Hi girls I'm back, and yes for all of you who asked I did get married. I will post some entries of some DIY I did for my wedding, and also pictures of the wedding. As for now lets start with the review of the Ipsy bag subscription.

For those of you who are living in Pluto, the ipsy bag is a monthly subscription, owned by Michelle Phan (a youtuber beauty guru). It cost $10 a month and you get a makeup bag and 5 deluxe samples, and sometimes full sized beauty products. Of the others monthly subscriptions what I like about ipsy is that you get mostly beauty products and of course a makeup bag.

I have been subscribed to ipsy since November 2012, so I have received 8 bags in total, so I think I can tell you and accurate review of the subscription, because not all months are going to have amazing products.

This month bag was my favorite so far. I love the actual bag which is rare because I have hated the other 7, I'm not expecting a high quality bag for $10, but at least a cute one. I love the color, the material, great for summer season, and the fact that has the ipsy stamp outside the bag, not inside as almost always.

As for  the products inside I felt in love with the coola mineral sunscreen with tint, mine was in rose essence. I'm actually going to purchase the full sized product with the 30% ipsy discount code.

Big sexy hair weather proof (humidity resistant spray). I actually don't use hairspray, because I almost never use hot tool products, and when I do my hair holds curls all day. But I loved the sized its perfect for travel, and for that special occasions you actually need a hairspray. I was so curious that I curl my hair and used it, and I loved it. It holds curls without making your hair sticky.

Pop beauty crayon in fuchsia flirt. This was another product that I was totally looking to buy it, but is out of stock in the website. Is creamy, stays for a long time, and it is a crayon.

Demeter roll on perfume oil in salt air. I though I would hate this product but I actually like it, not that much to buy the full version, because I never leave the house without perfume on. But it is great to throw it in your purse for those long hot days.

California Collection bhcosmetics palette. This is the product that I didn't like. These eyeshadows are gorgeous colors but the pigmentation is horrible, I like coastal scents shadows better. I will still use them because they are a great combination of colors to travel. With my neutral palette and this 3 vibrant color you can do any look.

Overall this month bag was awesome, the products and the bag I will be using, and I'm so happy that I discover the coola sunscreen through ipsy bag, because it make my $10 bucks worth. Thanks to ipsy I also found my favorite product for my hair that I can't live without (josie maran argain oil).

Pros and Cons of the ipsy bag in general


1. You can try 5 to 6 products, and discover new products you didn't knew about.
2. You will probably get that want thing you don't want to buy but are dying to try.
3. You get a makeup bag every month.
4. It is just $10 a month and you get more than that.
5. You take a quiz to get personalized items.
6. You can interact with other subscribers through the website, see previews of the bag, tutorials on the products etc.
7. Can cancel anytime
8. It's like christmas every month


1. Not all month products are that good.
2. Your personalized quiz is not so personal, since everyone get almost the same things.
3. Some bags are ugly, but that is personal preference.
4. You spend $120 a year in subscription, so if you hate most of the products that year, you have lost a lot of money.
5. You never now what are you going to get until the charge you and sent your package.
6. If you don't  cancel before the 1st of every month you get charged.

Hope you like this review.


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  1. This is a cute little subscription box! I can never commit to something monthly but it's definitely a cute idea :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. Great Review!!!