jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

It Is Just About The Pumps

Ya casi se acaba la semana, no puedo creer que ya es jueves. Si sigues mi blog te habrás dado cuenta que yo no soy tan fanática de los tacos o stilettos, La verdad me encantan y pienso que son hermosos pero no los considero útiles en mi día a día, pues no trabajo en oficina, ni salgo a menudo como para usarlos. Se que en un futuro esa realidad cambiara cuando tengo un trabajo, pero eso no significa que no tengo tengo los básicos porque siempre se presenta alguna actividad en la que tengas que usar tacos. Así que aproveche con este atuendo para usarlos y sacarle un poquito el polvo. Espero que les guste.



The week it's almost over, it is Thursday already, I can't believe it. If you follow my blog you may notice I don't wear a lot of pumps or stilettos, and it is not because I don't like them, it is because they are not essentials in my everyday, since I don't work in a office or go out frequently. But that doesn't mean I don't own any, I have the basics because there is always some type of event that can appear out of nowhere. So since I don't wear them frequently I though it will be great to pair them with this outfit to take some dust out of them. I hope you like it.


Dress: Lola
Blazer: Forever 21
Necklace: Aldo
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: from a boutique near my house

8 comentarios:

  1. This outfit is amazing! I wish I could steal it for my Vegas trip this weekend! You are so beautiful <3



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. jaja thanks ashley, I hope you have fun, and I'm sure your vegas outfit is going to be hot, hopefully I can see pictures

  2. OMG! Perfect dress! i want it! ♥;)


    1. Thanks I love too my mom gave it to me

  3. You look great! Love your heels. xx